• Relief from stress
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Improved concentration
  • Awareness of overall wellness


  • Increased overall strength & endurance
  • Increased flexibility
  • Better sleep
  • And much more!


I am an overweight older woman who has never liked to exercise, except for walks in the woods! So it has been very surprising to me how much I enjoy my Gentle Yoga class. First I like that is all about me and my body and no one else’s in the class. We never have to compare or compete. I like the flexibility that I believe it teaches me. Being older, falling is always a concern. I know Yoga helps my balance and I feel more secure. Strength is not my strong suit, but it is good to challenge myself each week and know that I am slowly getting stronger.

Last it’s all about breathing, Learning to use our breathe in effective ways helps relieve stress and I know is a healthy thing to do.

The very best part of the class is called final relaxation and it is a wonderful time to center into yourself and be proud you attended another class. Did I tell you I am 73 and – plan to do yoga until I am 93?



With two young children, I am so grateful to have a yoga practice that helps re-center my day.

I wouldn't call myself a natural athlete, but discovering yoga 15 years ago helped me realize I could build strength and flexibility with continued practice.

Each time I attend YOGAjoy classes, I am reminded that it's so important to slow down, take time to tend to my own health, and just breathe. It's something everyone should experience!



I have not been able to feel the benefits from any other exercise/program or routine like I get from yoga. These benefits are not only physical, but also mentally and spiritually.

My joints and muscles feel better, my focus is better and I feel more at peace.



I look forward to YOGAjoy classes every week. It’s a part of my schedule I won’t change, especially on those tough, busy days!



Fourteen years ago and 50 pounds heavier, I discovered yoga and running. Yoga still meets me where I am on any given day and allows me to find my edge and challenge myself. Along the way I have learned so much from the YogaJoy team; Miriam, Janna and Jill are so compassionate, dedicated, and skilled. They are always willing to take time to help me work on a pose that challenges me, or to simply help clear my mind through their guided practice and meditations for that day.

Over the past 14 years, I have learned no matter what challenges life hands me, yoga continues to be my refuge and allows me to find peace and focus. The best thing about my yoga practice is that while I practice, my mind is solely focused on my yoga poses. The problems of the day or challenges of life have to take a “backseat" - yoga is my total escape!

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